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CityBlox GearWedge Combo

Retail Price: $239.50
$229.00 (You save $10.50)

 Product Description

"Blue Light" SPECIAL!
Do you want to create the wall panel shown on our main page of the website (and in the gallary above)???
     That installation is a combination of Next Acoustics CityBlox Hybrid and GearWedge acoustic foam panels,
                  courtesy of Blue Light Digital Sound in Mt. Holly, NJ
     Both the CityBlox & GearWedge offer excellent mid range absorption to greatly reduce the slap and flutter echo in your room(s) or studio.   
     The combination of GearWedge and CityBlox gives you a multitude of decorative options, like the photos attached. 
1.   1 box - 32 square feet - of GearWedge (12 - 16" x 24" panels) 
2.  2 boxes (24 s.f. each) - 48 total square feet of CityBlox Hybrid (72 - 4" x 24" strips  =  432 - 4" x 4" variable height foam absorbers)
"The Blue Light Special" consists of the 12 - 16" x 24" GearWedge panels and approximately 370 of the 432 4" squares. (thus 62 squares, or approx 7sf left over)
Next Acoustics GearWedge - We designed GearWedge™ to meet and exceed the performance of traditional 2” wedge products, while providing you greater decorative options. The most immediate thing you’ll notice is its distinctive look.  If you still wanted a linear panel look, but are tired of the generic wedge look from the 80’s and 90’s,GearWedge provides you plenty of flexibility to upgrade your aesthetics with a surface profile you won’t see in every other studio photo.  

CityBlox Hybrid - 24 s.f. of variable height 4" x 4" Blox, in 4" x 24" strips (36 pieces).  The variable height of each 4" Blox allows some cool layouts and offers great acoustic performance beyond that of a normal 2" wedge-cut panel.  They also give you countless decorative alternatives, including covering some or all of each Blox with graphics or hard "caps" for further decorative options as well as custom tuning with elements of diffusion created by the small and variable height hard surfaces (see our website for additional advice and information).  Per photo #6, the Hybrid kit includes 16sf of low-rize and 8sf of hi-rize that you can mix and match in any combination  for great looks and performance.



DO I Have to BUILD the "Blue Light" panel in shown in the photo?


You CAN...and have enough CityBlox left over to build 2 - 20" x 20" panels or ???




NO....knock yourself out!  design your own panels that fit your decorative and absorptive needs; The panels do NOT have to be one large panel.  For acoustics, it is generally better to spread the panels thru-out the room/walls.


IS THE FOAM Black or Blue?


NEITHER!!!  All our foams are Charcoal Gray and are fire-rated for your safety!  

It would make sense that Blue Light Digital Sound has...


BLUE LIGHTS!                       


Just so you know...We don't like colors of foam other than Charcoal.  All foams oxidize = yellow over time.  Charcoal Gray masks it very well, while most other colors tend to fade and transform into some god-awful ugliness!  Matt at BLDS shows you how you can use lighting (and paint) to get an absolutely great look.  Over time, the Next charcoal foam will retain it's color (and you can always paint & change the bulb colors if TEAL ever comes back in Style)!


What is the panels' PERFORMANCE?


GearWedge has an overall Noise Reduction Coefficient of .75

Next CityBlox Hybrid has an overall NRC of .90


By spreading out the panels, or used in combination with some harder surfaces (small wall sections), you can maximize the performance of the products to create an accurate sound and a bigger sweet spot, judged best by your ear!


WHAT IF I NEED some help with layout, both acoustically and artistically?


We can definitely HELP on the acoustics side!  See our RoomTunes form at nextacoustics.com for FREE advice and consultation for your specific room/needs.


Artistically?  = the eyes of the beholder!  See some of our pics; we will be glad to help you understand all the options you have with the CityBlox and GearWedge.  The CityBlox come in 4" x 24" strips with 6 - 4" x 4" Blox per strip.  YES...you can easily cut the Next foam!




It depends on your layout.  Both the CityBlox and GearWedge can be directly installed on your flat/clean walls.  You can use finish nails ("impale") hidden within the foam, adhesives for foam such as liquid tubes (PL200, MD200, some Liquid Nails...see label), Spray adhesives (see our FoamFAST), or order a pak of NextTape adhesive to ship with your order.  Figure one pack of ApeTape per box of GearWedge (if you cut the 1" x 2" tabs into 1" x 1" squares) and 2 packs per box of CityBlox Hybrid.


 HOWEVER....IF YOU DON'T NOT WANT TO PERMANENTLY "SCREW UP" THE WALL....YOU MAY MOVE, OR WANT TO CHANGE THINGS AROUND AT SOME POINT... We encourage you to use "Backing/Mounting Boards" especially for the CityBlox AND for the GearWedge if you do not want to glue it to the WALL.


BACKING/MOUNTING Boards:  It is much easier to build your CityBlox panels on a thin backing board (1/8" pegboard, luan, paneling, Corex corrugated plastic, Sign Board).  Once you have decided on the size of the CityBlox panels, you can cut a backing board slightly smaller, then glue the CityBlox to the panel; let dry.  Then it is super easy to nail or screw to the wall; you simply pull back the foam ever so slightly between strips and drive a nail or screw through the backing board into the wall.  As an example, in Photo #1, you could decide that you will make the larger areas of CityBlox  as 2' x 2' squares (diamonds).  If you cut a piece of black Corex in 23" x 23" pieces you can adhere the 24" x 24" area of CityBlox foam.  Once it is dry, hang it like picture, or better yet, screw it to the wall with 2 to 4 small drywall screws.  You can do this for the GearWedge also, and even for smaller strips of CityBlox.  We love to use Corex or Sign Board because it cuts easily and does not require power tools. 


IS IT WORTH IT?  YES!:  Much easier to construct, Easy to install so that it is level/etc. and it makes it really easy to take it with you (remove) if you need to move or renovate your space.


This is a 'Blue Light Special' that is definitely worth getting!




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18.00 LBS
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