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Better than Auralex and other competitors?

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Want acoustic treatment but not at the high prices of Auralex and other competitors???


The prices charged for Auralex and other acoustics products are WAY too high!!!

I want Great Products I can AFFORD!!!

  • Are you frustrated with over spec’d and over-priced products that are way too expensive?
  • Have you just about given up finding a common sense solution to your acoustic needs?
  • Do you want products that are best of class at half the price of the other guys?

DONE! Next Acoustics has engineered our acoustical offerings to exceed the specs of the most popular products out there, at prices you can actually afford. Next Acoustics does it with a superior acoustical foam formula and a little inventive zeal that others don’t match. We’ll provide you the right, simple information to determine the best products for you without selling you twice as much product as you may need. And we’ll do it at a price that makes it affordable in these tough economic times. Our acoustical foam products are the best, yet our prices are significantly less than comparable alternatives…yes we can prove it!

EASY!  Easy to Understand & Easy to Install

  • Are you thinking you need to be a rocket scientist to simply have better recordings?
  • Have you read so much on acoustics that you are now more confused than ever?
  • Do you want products that you can install yourself with simple basic instructions and tools?
  • Do you want products that are available immediately and delivered to your door?

DONE!  Next Acoustics makes it incredibly easy for you to get the acoustic products you need without getting a Phd. in Engineering.  Even better, you can get them delivered to your doorstep in a very timely manner, and best of all, they’re easy to install in just the right places!  For the great many of us with home studios and listening rooms, it does NOT have to be that difficult.  Great sound is available to you that makes a ton of sense and can be in place in a matter of minutes/hours…not days.  Acoustics can NOT get any easier than this!

Great Looks, Cool Vibe

  • Are you tired of the wedge look of the 90’s?
  • Do you just want a few distinct styles to choose from without being overwhelmed?
  • Do you want to create a space that is creative and inviting for you and guests?

DONE!  Next Acoustics offers you the next generation in acoustical foam treatments with decorative choices from “stately and proper” through “21st century” and all the way to a “walk on the wild side.”  BevelBlox offer an understated subtle appearance.  The CityBlox give you an infinite number of pattern possibilities for the “want something different” crowd, and the SoundTrax Foam offers an all-new look that’s been incredibly popular with a wide cross-section of musicians and value-conscious customers.  It is now easier than ever to create your own custom look, and it looks GREAT!  And best of all THEY PERFORM!

EASY, COOLand AFFORDABLE…Is that what YOU want…DONE, by Next Acoustics!



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