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Why don't the SoundTrax panels line up??!!??

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Our SoundTrax panels are HUGELY popular, but every now and again we get a customer who doesn't read the details on the product and are surprised to find that the panels don't line up.  So let me try and make it a little clearer...

The pattern of the SoundTrax panels is NOT intended to line up from panel to panel with one another.

Due to the way the SoundTrax are made, (with different cutting process), it's impossible to get them to match exactly panel to panel.  Believe me, we've spent A LOT of time working with the panels like a puzzle to see if there is any rhyme or reason.  Simply put...DO NOT expect the pattern of one panel to line up with an adjacent panel.  But fear not, here are some alternatives if you are concerned about SoundTrax panels side-by-side:

Installation alternatives:

1. If you are using our SoundTrax panels that are 1’ x 1’ or 2’ x 1’s, we strongly suggest leaving some wall space in-between panels if it looks OK to you.

a. This allows you to spread out the SoundTrax coverage and thus cover a larger area; studies have shown that in most situations, this will provide better acoustics.  In general, by leaving gaps between panels (less than 6”), you can minimize slap and flutter echo over a great wall surface area, and it leaves some liveliness in the room due to the smaller gaps; this is usually a desired result for many studio situations, with some small exceptions such as very dead vocal booths.

b. You can get more creative with your design to produce a look that is distinctive to your room.

2. If you need to cover larger areas with full coverage, consider purchasing our SoundTrax in 2’x 4’ panels. You can then obviously cover 2’ x 4’ area with no seams (that do not line-up).  Suggestion #1 still works for the 2’ x4’s…spread them out a little so you don’t see the unmatched seam.

3. Next FrameTrax:  Our FrameTrax were designed to be answer for this.  Per some of the FrameTrax pics, you can use them to separate panels and produce a great, distinctive look.  Additionally, you can use the FrameTrax as a “spacer” to offset some of the SoundTrax panels from the wall…a cool 3D effect.This actually is even more valuable acoustically as in increases absorption in the mid-frequencies up to 25 %....an inexpensive way to get greater performance comparable to most 3” thick products.

4.  If you must have seams that “line-up,” consider our other panel products such as V-Trax, BevelBlox or GearWedge.  All will provide you a much more tailored look when placing panels adjacent to one another.

5.  AND…if you want to be able to build an entire surface area (or larger panels) with no apparent seams at all, consider using our most versatile product, CityBlox.  They are comprised of 4” x 24’ strips of acoustic foam, cut into variable height blox of 4” x 4’.With these strips (or subsets down to individual 4” x 4” blox due to easy cutting) you can build a panel or entire wall that shows no seams at all, and panels with unlimited arrays of the variable height 4” squares.  CityBlox also offer great performance and more decorative options than you can think of.  See our CityBlox for pictures and come up with your own great pattern.



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