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We get the "what adhesive would you suggest" question all the time.  We offer two very nice alternatives - our FoamFast spray and our NextTape double stick tabs.  Regarding the NextTape....You always have to keep in mind that you're working with double stick tabs.  Unlike the spray adhesive that allows you to apply it over much of the panel, with the tabs, you have to place them over the panel to evenly hold it up.  But tape is only as good as how clean the surface that it's mounted on and how it's applied.  So...

NextTAPE Advice

Some of our personal NextTape experiences:

1. It does stick great to anything with a surface that you think Scotch Tape would stick to permanently.

2. Upon further questioning, the lesser reviews are NOT due to it’s sticking ability. The #1 frustration is peeling the second backing off of the raw NextTape. Until you get the hang of it, it does really piss you off…the tape sticks well to everything….including it’s own backing. We have found it is best if you first remove the initial side. Place the NextTape on the Foam panel, present it very solidly into the foam (“gel” of the foam is imbedded into small foam air cavitites). THEN, do NOT try to remove the other side of the tape RIGHT Away…waiting 15 to 30 seconds seems to make it much easier to skim away the second backing down to the sticky NextTape….then press the foam panel in place and do NOT worry about pressing to hard thru the foam where the adhesive attaches to the wall (or canvas). Other additional investigation has revealed that the other main complaint is trying to use it with uneven or “unclean” surfaces. As an example, it does NOT work very well with unpainted drywall…it is a surface that is not “clean” and should likely be at least primed before using NextTape. Beyond those two reasons, we have no complaints.

Patience is a Virtue when first using the NextTape!!!

Additionally, We think 1” x 1” pieces (cut 2” x1” pieces in two) always work better…you have TWICE as many contact points per panel.

 On the CornerBox, cutting a pack of 24 NextTape in two = 48 – 1’x 1’ pieces, that allows 12 pieces per CornerBlox = 6 pieces per flat back side (2 back sides per CornerBlox if placed in a corner junction).

 On 12 – 2’ x 1’ SoundTrax panels, 24 NextTape tabs cut in half = 48 - 1” x 1” pieces = 4 – 1” x 1’ NextTape per (the 12) 2’ x 1’ SoundTrax panel.

Hope this HELPS!



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