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Acoustics Goes Portable

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dMASS from Next Acoustics!

dMASS stands for Monolithic Absorbing Sound Stanz

Basically what we're talking about are acoustic GoBo's (Go-Between) Standing Panels that are portable/mobile.  Easy to move around and great for multiple applications.

The dMASS Panels:

Serve to BLOCK the sound like a traditional acoustic GoBo.

They're also great at ABSORBING the sound to minimize unwanted echo, thus improving the overall sound in the room

dMASS are THICK enough to function as BROADBAND ABSORBERS, including lower frequencies (think BASS TRAPS).

You can use them for drum surrounds, vocal booths, amp houses, pretty much any in-studio or on-stage application.

They can be placed anywhere in the room!

We offer our dMASS panels in 2 KITs.  A 2-panel and a 3-panel kit.  You can obviously purchase multiples to build a larger array.  

Each kit includes 

   - 23.5" Wide x 47.5" Tall wedge-shaped Panels 5.75" thick at the Base 2.25" thick at the Top, 

   - Support Feet = 2 per panel to provide more stability and raise the panels 4" and 

   - 23.5" x 8" Extension pieces (for the top).  They install in a Groove in the top of each larger panel Increases the overall height by 6.5"

So with the dMASS Panel, Support Feet, and Extension, the overall height reaches 57" (4' 9" tall)

We are currently running this only in the Charcoal Gray color, and - like our other products - the panels are fire-rated at a Class B rating

So what else do you want to know???

1. Are the dMASS panels Flat? NO...per the photos, one side is FLAT (back) and the other side (front) is flat at the top and bottom, with an angled slope in the middle 24"

2. Can I place the panels with the back facing front? Sure, however we suggest for most applications you place the angled/slanted side to the front...may help to "deflect" some frequencies off-axis.

2a. SO...does that mean I can ALSO mount/attach your other foam panel products to match some of the wall treatments??? WOW...you are ON your Game...YES! You can attach our SoundTrax, V-Trax, CityBlox panels to the front or back of the dMASS panels for a GREAT LOOK...and...GREATER absorption and performance!!!

3. Do you offer the dMASS Panels in other Kits or quantities?YES! We have 2, 3, and 4 panel Kits, and you can buy the dMASS panels without the support feet or extenders. If one kit is not enough,contact us or Buy TWO!!!

4. Can I sit the dMASS on a box, milk carton, chair, etc. to make it the desired height I need...SURE. If it falls, it's FOAM...not likely to hurt you!

P.S.: we do have some larger feet (unannounced) available to raise the panels another 6 to 10", and serve as additional, highly effective BASS TRAPS!

5. Can I just mount the dMASS panels to the Wall??? YES, BUT it kinda defeats the complete functionality. I f you need thick wall Panels, consider our 4" SoundTrax; this will likely give you more square footage for the money (and thus greater performance). By using the dMASS panels in open space, you take great advantage of having absorptive surface area on each side...effectively double what you would have if placed on the wall, AND they are portable to move around or store away when not needed.

6. Can I get some advice on how to use the dMASS given my situation??? YES...send us an email, OR fill out the RoomTunes Worksheet from our website and send it in...we will be glad to help...and unlike many other Cheap-ass Charlies selling crap foam, we KNOW Music and Recording and have been consulting both big and small studios and rooms for many years! (20+ years of experience when at Auralex as Managers)

7. How does the price and value compare to some of the other "wall" type products out there??? Like our other products, we can give you the same or greater performance and function that most others offer at HALF the PRICE, with innovative products and by SELLING DIRECTLY to YOU!!!

Only available at this time in the Continental USA. No Canada, Alaska, Mexico, Hawaii, or Caribbean ORDERS at this TIME while we INTRODUCE dMASS!



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