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  • 2" SoundTraxLG 2' x 4' panels
  • 2" SoundTraxLG 2x4 panels - 12 panels shown - this package offers half that quantity - 6 panels
  • 2" SoundTraxLG 2x4 panels - 3 panels shown - this package offers 2X that quantity - 6 panels
  • 2" SoundTraxLG 2x4 panels - 4 panels shown - this package offers 6 panels total
  • 2" SoundTraxLG 2x4 panels shown with standard 2" SoundTrax panels to illustrate size difference
  • 2" SoundTraxLG panels shown side by side to illustrate lack of pattern matching

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2 inch SoundTrax LG Acoustical Foam 6 Pack 48 SF

Retail Price: $179.00
$119.00 (You save $60.00)

 Product Description

Color: Charcoal or burgundy
Qty: 6 panels (3-nested pair) 48 square feet
Size: 2” peak x 24” x 48” (1/2” base)



Our popular

SoundTrax™ Panels

Now in larger 2' x 4' size!

That’s right…

OUR Most

Popular Product

NOW in LARGE Panels

 Fantastic SoundTrax™ by Next Acoustics™

But sometimes you don't need a full box of 96 s.f. of 2" SoundTrax panels, so here's our "half-pack"!  That's 6 2'x4' panels in a box (48 s.f.).  PRO Studio Quality!!!  Color is charcoal gray. 

You'll enjoy a great performing product, but you won't bust your budget to get it!  Regular WebPrice is $179 plus shipping.  The key to SoundTrax getting the job done is the peaks and valleys (and angles and depths and curves and...well you get the idea) that offer great absorption of the unwanted reflections.  All that exposed area on each panel actually helps with the redirection of sound as well.  A little of this treatment goes along way!

We think you might

want a little Q & A:

Q: So just what is the difference between your regular 2" SoundTrax panels and these 2" SoundTraxLG panels?

A: The ONLY difference is the size of each panel.  Our regular SoundTrax are 12" x 24" (2sqft) vs 24" x 48" (8sf) for the SoundTraxLG panels.  The color, fire-rating, and performance (NRC = .75) are the same

Q:  Can I mix and match the 12" x 24" panels with the LARGER 24" x 48" panels?

A: YES...create a cool design with the two panel sizes.  But be aware, you should NOT expect the pattern of SoundTrax panels of either size to match up with one another.  Check out our FrameTrax strips if you want to hide such seams.

Q:  Can I cut the SoundTrax panels to fit or decorate my specific room?

A: YES, all of our foam products can be cut to fit your room and your wishes.  HOW?  The best way is with a common electric kitchen knife and a steady hand!

Q:  WHY would I buy the Larger 2' x 4' panels vs. the smaller 2' x 1' panels?  

A: 1. Ease of installation...if you are doing a larger space requiring quite a bit of coverage, it is easier and faster to hang the 2' x 4's vs. the 2' x 1's. 2. Decorative: larger panels mean less SEAMS and thus a cleaner, professional look if you are going to have treated areas that are at least 2' x 4' (old industry standard)

Q:  Is there any advantage to using the smaller 2' x 1' SoundTrax Panels?

A: YES: 1. In general, spreading out your absorptive panels will give you better acoustic performance, especially in smaller spaces and when you are NOT going to have a larger % of your walls and/or ceilings covered with tiles. 2. Shipping costs will generally be around 10% less expensive when buying our regular 2' x 1' SoundTrax in 24 sq. ft. (1 box) quantities.  WHY...the screwy way UPS and Fedex charge for larger, lightweight boxes. AND 3. YOU want a quantity smaller than 96 square feet...see our other product options for 12, 16, 24, and 48 sq. ft. options. and 4. the SoundTraxLG come in a LARGE box that is 48' x 24" x 16" and may not be very transportable for you!

Q:  What's up with the Shipping Charges?

A: Our average cost to ship the larger box is close to $60.  We offer the foam at half the price of other leading suppliers and with the shipping included, we are still 40 to 60% less than quality competition.  P.S.: If foam from others comes "shrink-wrapped," beware...the performance and aesthetics has already been compromised.

Q:  Why are your Prices so low?

A: We sell DIRECT to you...NO middle-man (Guitar Ctr., etc.).  Other "cheap Charlies" do it by using inferior foam and all kinds of false claims they can't substantiate.  We use fire-rated foam that exceeds the specifications of the products offered by others (such as Auralex), and each lot of our foam is tested to meet fire and performance standards.

Q:  What if I am not sure what I need or where to install it?

A: SIMPLE...JUST ASK US!  The best way for you to get the best solution is to take advantage of our RoomTune Free Room Consultation Service...

Q:  How do I attach it to the Wall?

A: For larger panels, many prefer to use a liquid (water-based) adhesive like PL200 or the Proper Liquid Nails.  You can also use our FoamFast 24 Spray Adhesive.  NOTE: 3M Super 77 does not work very well.  Also, you can use our NextTape Adhesive Tabs.  For 96 sq. ft., we suggest FOUR Packs of ApeTape. and make sure you cut each 2" piece of NextTape into 1" pieces so that you can use 8 - 1" pieces per 2' x 4' panel.  You should place the NextTape pieces 6" in from each edge, with 2 pieces (x4) 6", 18", 30", & 42" from the top.  Others have suggested cutting the 2" pieces into 4 - 1/2" x 1" pieces so you can use 16 per panel.  The wall surface needs to be flat and very clean (and ideally – painted) for the NextTape to work effectively.  NextTape is NOT recommended for ceiling treatment/placement.

Q:  HOW FAST are you GUYS?

A: SoundTraxLG will ship via FedEx within ONE business day of receiving your payment (depending on size of order – lots of boxes may take a few extra days because we like to cut those at the same time to make sure all the color matches)!  


BTW….Compare us to 96sf of Auralex Studiofoam – their 2” product is at least $400.00+ plus shipping!!! 


Free Shipping for this product only to the continental United States ONLY. Due to the size of the boxes we CANNOT ship to APO's, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico or Canada.

Since we can’t ship this product to the areas listed above, we suggest you see our other listings for 2' x 1' SoundTrax…


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  1. Feel the difference 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Jul 2018

    I previously had 6 - 12 x 24 panels on the wall behind the console. I recently purchased the 2 inch SoundTrax LG Acoustical Foam 6 pack - 24 x 48 panels, installed 2 of them on the wall behind the console and immediately felt the difference in the whole room acoustics. It was like walking into an acoustical dead zone. You could feel the difference.

  2. worked great in a large dance hall 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Jan 2018

    We used a Masonic Temple for our New Year's Eve dance. Built in 1915 it has large areas of glass & plaster in the hall. It has lots of echoes. It measures 50X60 X22
    36 panels of SoundTrax LG were used to dampen the sound.
    We received more compliments from the dancers and from the band members than ever at any of the halls we have used in the past.

    They were put behind thin curtains that a church uses to divide the hall for their Sunday School classes. I will ask the Pastor if he would like them to be kept up all year round.
    very satisfied.
    Dale . North East Ohio Contradance Community

  3. Soundtrax 2'X4' 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Apr 2016

    We recently completed a remodel of a small local bar. It turned out better than expected, except for the noise. I ordered the half pack of SoundTrax LG 2'X4' panels to see if they could help. After cutting them in half (2'X2') and using spray adhesive there is a big difference. I am going to order more SoundTrax to see if we can make the noise level better. Just wish there were some 2'X2' panels I could buy.

  4. works and looks great in my studio 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Mar 2016

    it looks great, and works great as well, totally did what i needed it to do and looks so much better than other products it can't even be compared, and it works better too.
    I teach guitar lessons in Skype world wide and everyone is seeing it and commenting on how much quieter it is now.

  5. Does what I needed, and what you'd expect 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Oct 2013

    Although I cannot find any stats on the NextAcoustics web site as to the frequency absorption of these, I can tell you that they have worked for me to reduce High Frequency reflections in the room and made the room much more neutral. This all at a fraction of the cost of other solutions. I am happy with the purchase so far, and don't expect that the change.

    Shipping was expensive - so be sure to include that in your budget. My first NextA purchase was through Amazon, with free prime shipping. I wish they offered that on all purchases and offered all of their products through Amazon.

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